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Leah's Triplet Mates by Cara Adams


Leah Crawford needs to reclaim her father’s stamp albums from Mr. Lutterworth, a con man. Panther shape-shifters Saxon, Hardy, and Bram Stewart are planning to break into that house, too, and she’s in their way. The last thing they need is a feisty amateur getting in the way of professionals like them. Leah’s family badly needs the money selling her father’s stamp albums will bring them. She doesn’t plan to let anyone stop her from retrieving her property, not even if there are three of them, all identical, big, strong, black haired, and delicious looking.

When catching her, tying her up, and locking her in the trunk of their car doesn’t stop Leah for very long, the three men have to think of other ways of attracting her attention. Maybe if they chained her up in their dungeon, naked, that might work?


In and out, Leah. In the window, into the study, grab the stamp albums and get the fuck out of here.

She forced herself to stand still long enough to catch her breath and steady her inhalations, and then tiptoed to the bathroom door. As her sisters had promised the house was still and silent. The thieving fucktard and his wife were supposed to be in DC for a few days attending some important party or other and from the silence surrounding her Leah hoped like hell her sisters’ information was accurate.

She walked silently out of the bathroom—leaving the door open for a faster exit—and down the hallway to the rear corner of the house where the fucktard’s study was supposed to be. The door was open and she peeked in, but the curtains were closed, the light off, and the room silent.

Much to her relief the entire house felt empty, which was what she was hoping and praying was the truth.

Praying. Oh yes. Her father would insist she pray.

Please God, help me get these stamp albums. You know they don’t belong to the f—Mr. Lutterworth. 

Thank you. Amen.

Leah looked all around the architraves and door jamb, but saw no signs of an alarm so stepped into the room ready to run if she was wrong. There was no sound so she hurried across to the huge wooden desk. It was piled high with files and papers. She rested her head on the desk making sure only the hood touched the wood, not her actual skin, and sighted up and down each pile looking for the distinctive dark blue fabric of her father’s stamp albums. Not in the three piles she could see from here. Leah moved around the desk to the next side and repeated her actions. Then the third side. Still no.

Fuck! Where else might they be? Leah wanted to start checking the bookcases but she forced herself to look at the piles of papers and files on the final quarter of the table, and there they were, only three or four items from the top of the pile.

Carefully she pulled a mesh bag from her back pocket and lifted the top items from the relevant pile onto the desk chair. She slid her father’s stamp albums into the bag, replaced the files, carefully lining them up with the stack she’d taken the stamp albums from, and checked she hadn’t moved the chair at all.

Leah slid her arms through the straps of the mesh bag, turning it into a sort of backpack, and tiptoed from the room. She hurried down the hallway and into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Climbing out of the window was more difficult than getting in, because she couldn’t see the fucking drainpipe and had to reach for it with her foot, shove her foot behind it, then slide most of the way out of the window, grip the pipe with one hand and close the window with the other.

Finally she managed it. The back of her sweater was damp with sweat dripping down her spine, and she hoped it wouldn’t hurt the fabric binding of the stamp albums. But at least she had them so it was all good.

Leah slid down the pipe, jumped onto the grass, raced across the backyard as fast as she could, and vaulted up the fence.

In her desire to get the hell out of there she forgot to look over the fence before she jumped, and when she landed on the ground it was to see a big, dark-haired man staring at her.


Leah took to her heels, running with all the speed the adrenaline rush of fear had given her. She wasn’t stupid enough to head back to her car, sprinting left at the end of the street instead of right, and going as fast as she could toward the mall, which was the only place she could think of to lose the man.

She didn’t want to look behind her as she knew that would slow her down, but she thought she could hear him running. He wasn’t stomping or panting or anything that would definitely prove he was there, but the area between her sweaty shoulders itched with the knowledge the man was after her.

She raced around another corner and up ahead of her were two more large men standing, staring at her. Damn! He must have phoned a friend. Two friends.

Leah cut across the road, and bolted toward a side street, but the men moved damn fast and she was starting to tire. She wasn’t a distance runner or a sprinter unfortunately.

And then two strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist tugging her backward, and she would have fallen if not for his tight hold of her.

Desperately she wiggled in his grasp. She was so close to retrieving her father’s stamp albums. There was no way she was letting this man take them from her. The fucktard had already stolen them once.

The big man gripped her arms and turned her to face him. Instantly she slammed her knee with all her strength up and into his family jewels.

He let go of her and dropped to his knees but she was already running back the way she’d come.

Unfortunately she didn’t get far. Another man grabbed her from behind and this time something crashed into her head and the world went black.

Well fuuuuuck.

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Cara Adams
Romance, menage, BDSM, and shapeshifters: all in the one book.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reunion Makes Three; An MMF by Willa Edwards


Beth Lewis has always had a fantasy to be with two men who also want each other. For her birthday, her sister gifts her with a subscription to Fantasies Fulfilled, an exclusive online service to help connect people with the same desires. After losing her job and her fiancé, she deserves a little fun and to live out a dream that's been tempting her since high school.

Since his reunion invitation arrived, Dell Harrison hasn't been able to stop thinking about his high school sweetheart, Beth. When he and his live-in boyfriend Marcos Vitagliano receive a mysterious invitation to participate in the exclusive Fantasies Fulfilled services, they decide to add a woman to their dynamic duo. What Dell couldn’t have guessed is that the woman they connect with is the same woman who's haunted him since graduation.

Will Marcos be able to accept Beth in their bed and their lives? Or will adding an old flame to their couple turn their duo into a crowd?

Adult Excerpt

“I want to taste you so bad.” His hand slipped down her back to cover her ass. His touch pushed her toward his body, encouraging her to straddle his stomach, spreading her thighs wide. Her pussy and clit rode along his abs, the ridges and bumps vibrating along every nerve.

“I want to eat that pussy, just like Marcos is eating me.” He extended his tongue, lashing a beaded nipple dancing before him as she perched above him and then sucking it in deep. She moaned, leaning into his touch, thrusting her breast toward his mouth. Instead of continuing the sweet suction, he pushed her further up his body, until her pussy dangled before his mouth.

He gave her one long experimental lick along the crotch of her underwear and moaned as if she were the most delicious dessert he’d ever tasted. He laughed as a protesting grunt answered from behind her.

“Turn around, sweetheart. Marcos wants to see you, too.” He gripped her tight around the hips, flipping her around so she straddled him backward, staring down at the man kneeling on the floor. His dark eyes gazed up at her with more interest than a bug in a jar. Heating her body, his stare made her uncomfortable and needy at the same time. He held Dell’s cock tight in his hand. She watched his fingers moving along the shaft with fascination.

“A woman in pleasure is one of the most beautiful sights on earth,” Dell continued, massaging her thighs and ass cheeks. Her muscles jumped and her pussy clenched beneath his intoxicating touch.

“We’d hate for Marcos to miss the full show.”He pushed aside her thong. Using his fingers, Dell spread her pussy lips wide and blew a warm breath across her slippery flesh.

“Yes.” She threw her head back, leaning into Dell. Her eyes never shifted from the erotic sight of Dell’s dick thrusting in and out of Marcos’s mouth, hard and wet.

“You’re completely soaking, sweetheart.” Dell’s words belted against her skin. A moan sounded from the area of his ankles.

Dell’s tongue extended, tracing her slit with a slow, deliberate brush, teasing her opening and clit until her inner thigh muscles quivered. She groaned, his torturing touch too much. She reached down, twisting his right nipple to speed him on.

“We’ve got quite an impatient donna on our hands.”Marcos laughed, holding Dell’s cock upright while he massaged the sac beneath.

“Always has been. She used to jump me the second we got alone.”

Beth twisted his nipples harder, a smile forming on her lips. Normally she’d hate to have such an intimate secret revealed, but telling Marcos didn’t feel like such an invasion. Maybe because of how much she’d already revealed to him, admitting to him her true fantasy, or maybe it was because she was looking down at him completely naked. “You didn’t give me much choice when you talked about tackling Clive Parker.”

Marcos laughed, dropping Dell’s dick from his lips. “Who is this Clive Parker? Should I be jealous?”

“Never, my love.”

Dell sucked her clit into his mouth, scoring the peak with his teeth, in his own form of retaliation. She squealed and gripped Dell’s chest harder, her fingers clutching around his tight muscles. If that was the response to her teasing, she planned to do a whole lot more.

“Maybe I wouldn’t be jealous if I got a taste of the beauty.”

Beth looked up to meet Marcos’s gaze. The dark intensity in his eyes made her shiver.

“You’ll get your chance…later,” Dell whispered, making her pussy clench. A small muffled moan escaped her throat. The idea of having two men between her legs, licking her to oblivion, in one night, set her heart racing.

As if sensing her need, they smiled at each other. Her torture was far from over. “Is she sweet?” Marcos’s eyes watched her like an alcoholic at a wine bar.

“Like cherry candy.” Dell laughed and licked the length of her slit, pushing his tongue deeper.

Her hips arched up to meet Dell’s mouth until she rode his face, more desperate than she’d ever been in her life for an orgasm. Every muscle in her body convulsed, poised on the edge of release.

“You know I love cherry candy.” Marcos seductive whisper caressed her ankles, tingling across her skin, followed by the slurp of him sucking Dell deep to the back of his throat.

Her breasts tightened, and her clit throbbed painfully. There was something about two men discussing her, praising her as she spread her legs for them, that had her burning up. Looking down at Marcos’s eyes while he sucked Dell and Dell fucked her with his tongue had her hotter than she’d ever been before.

“I want a taste,”Marcos demanded, his eyes boring into hers. Dark, intense, overpowering.

“Next time.”Dell chuckled as he licked her again, sucking her clit deep into his mouth.

Her pussy convulsed. Next time? He had a plan for next time. The thought made her dizzy in a fantastic way.


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Dangerous Love For A Selkie and A Druid; Selkie's Seduction by Anne Kane


When Nikki’s sister sends a Druid named Wolfe to warn her about impending danger, he’s surprised to discover the feisty little selkie shapeshifter is his destined mate.

Nikki is immediately attracted to him and intrigued by their telepathic link, but she is having none of this destined-mate business. Her animal form is a free-spirited otter, and she fears the call of the wild might be too strong to allow her to settle down and raise a family. After her mother deserted the family, Nikki vowed she would remain single rather than risk putting a child of her own through that emotional hell.

But when the danger becomes all too real, Nikki’s link with Wolfe is her only comfort, and she realizes some risks just might be worth taking.

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