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Sacrifices of the Siren by Bella Settarra. An Erotic, Futuristic Fantasy, Romance.

What hold does the evil Hermandine have over Melantho?  Why is she blackmailing her into leaving Refrainia to go and be her servant on Eastland?

SIRENS AND SAILORS #6                                            

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[Siren Allure: Erotic Futuristic Fantasy Romance, M/F/M not involving the main characters, HEA]


Just when Melantho is beginning to really enjoy life on the island with her beloved sailor, Blandon, she is visited by the evil elder Hermandine.  The old lady manages to blackmail Melantho into leaving Refrainia to live a life of drudgery as her servant on the mainland.

When Hermandine and Solon mistreat and abuse the poor girl to the extent that she has becomes ill, Blandon and Dr. Jay discover the secret she has been hiding for the past three years.  As Melantho battles with her health and her miserable past, Blandon showers her with love and strength.  Eventually it seems that she can face her future by resolving the past, but when Hermandine reveals an ancient law of Refrainia Melantho has to decide whether to sacrifice her past once again, or forgo her future on the island with Blandon.


“But we can’t,” Melantho whispered, “Sapphire will be home.” She giggled as Blandon took her hand and led her up the short path to her stone hut. He really was gorgeous, with his light brown hair which hung around his shoulders, and his big green eyes which twinkled with mischief. His mouth seemed to be in a permanent smile, and he had the most dazzling, perfect teeth.

“She won’t mind. Besides, she’ll be busy herself.” He grinned as he winked at her and Melantho blushed. Even in the semi-darkness she was sure he could see how red her cheeks were.

“But it’s not dark enough yet.” Melantho protested with a smile.

Blandon sighed as they reached the door of the little hut she shared with Sapphire. “It’s OK if you don’t want to.” His voice was sad but understanding.

Melantho reached up to his soft cheek and stroked it tenderly. They had had this discussion so many times before and each time she got a little nearer to giving in to what she really wanted. What he also wanted. The familiar feeling churned in her stomach and she found herself wanting to cry. She sniffed and quickly looked away from his handsome face as she felt the hot tears prick the edges of her eyes.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” His hand was on her face now, wiping a tear which had made its bid for freedom down her hot face.

“It’s not your fault. It’s just me.” She just managed to get the words out before great sobs heaved up from the back of her throat and she gulped to try to push them back down.

“Come on, let’s go inside and talk for a bit.” Blandon’s voice was as gentle as his hands as he wiped away another tear before ushering her into the house.

It was even darker inside, and he lit a candle to lead them to the little table and chairs which sat by the open window. There was no moon tonight and it was already getting late.

Melantho sat on the chair opposite him, trembling as she fought back her tears. He gave her a handkerchief and she wiped her face. She felt his strong hands reach for hers across the little table and she gladly placed hers in them. She felt safe in his hands. He was her hero for so many reasons.

“I love you, Mel. I just want to hold you in bed, that’s all. We don’t have to do anything more if you don’t want to. I would be happy just to feel you next to me, honestly I would.”

She stared up at his big, emerald eyes. They were kind eyes. She loved those eyes. She loved him. A warm glow burned in her stomach and she stared at the table in front of her. I don’t want to just be held. I want to make love. How could she ever tell him how she really felt?

“I love you, too, Blandon,” she whispered.

A massive smile spread across his worried face and he gasped at the admission.

Melantho couldn’t help but smile back. She secretly felt proud of herself for being able to tell him that much at least. He had told her he loved her several times, but she had never told him how she felt. She sighed as a weight lifted from her shoulders. It felt like a start, a step in the right direction. A sudden noise from Sapphire’s room startled her and she jumped up. She wasn’t sure whether it was giggling or crying. Blandon seemed a little wary as Melantho glanced over at him before making her way to the far bedroom. She put her ear to the rough wooden door before turning the handle. She gasped. Blandon was suddenly behind her, holding her gently as she stared into the darkness.


Melantho was already inside the bed, covered by a large Elmwood leaf, by the time he was undressed and he giggled.

“Mel, you are so beautiful, why are you so modest about your body? You’re perfect, surely you don’t have issues with it?” He sounded incredulous but kind, as he snuggled in beside her.

“It’s just the way I am.” She nudged against him, relishing in his warm body.

“Well I guess you’re not used to all this yet are you?” He stroked her body as he lay on his side.

“What do you…?” Her words were lost as his mouth covered hers in another deep, lingering kiss. She could smell his musky scent along with his heat and her breathing started to become heavier again. The glow flared up inside her tummy once more and she felt her whole body start to burn deliciously. His tongue took over her mouth, and his hands swept down and removed her bikini bra. Her mind was turning to mush as he reached down and began to slide her bikini briefs down. As she bent her knees to allow him to remove them a panic ripped through her body and she jerked upward.

His strong hand held her back down as he chuckled into her mouth. With the other hand he took the panties from her and she kicked her legs in protest.

“Shh, it’s all right,” he whispered when she almost bit his tongue to end the kiss.

“But…” She wasn’t sure what she was trying to say so she just stared up at him.

She saw his confidence turn to concern in a nanosecond and his hand came straight back up to stroke her face.

“Tell me.”

She couldn’t speak. She didn’t know what she would say even if she could. Her mouth went dry and she felt her throat tighten. Her body was still burning, craving for his touch. Her head was screaming at her to stop him. She just stared into his big, kind eyes and forced herself to breathe.

Blandon slid onto his back and pulled her against him. She snuggled into him as her mind whirled. She loved the feel of his hot flesh next to hers, and his scent enveloped her in a cloud of safety. Melantho closed her eyes and breathed him in. She laid her head on his strong chest and heard his patient heart beating steadily. Her tension began to ease as he held her in his muscular arms. She felt him gently kiss her hair and she sighed. Slowly she began to calm down and her thoughts began to rationalize. It’s dark. He can’t see me. Even without the covers he wouldn’t be able to see everything. I want him. I really want to make love with him. Tonight.

She opened her eyes. It really was pitch dark. She put a hand out and felt the hard muscle of his chest. It was smooth. She felt it rise and fall with his breathing for a while before she let her hand drift down to his taut stomach. Again there was just muscle and smooth skin. Gorgeous. Slowly she let her hand trail down a little further. His hip bone jutted out, making a soft valley down toward his pubic region. She took a few deep breaths before allowing herself to explore the little coarse hairs. The warm glow had returned to her stomach and it burned brighter as she toyed with his body. She heard him give a little gasp and felt a twitch as his cock nudged her hand. It felt warm and hard, but the skin was beautifully smooth. It was even thicker than she expected, and she could feel it growing larger and harder as she stroked it. She felt his hand grasp her shoulder as his breathing hitched and she took his throbbing member in her hand.

Slowly she began to pull the smooth skin through her fingers, and felt a stream of hot liquid flow over them. Beneath her head she could hear his heart beating rapidly and she felt his breathing speed up and become deeper. A thrill of excitement ran through her at the realization that she was turning him on.

Melantho felt him stroke her shoulder gently before his hand slipped to the outer edge of her breast. A wonderful tingle inside her warmed her through. She felt her nipple tighten to a hard nub before he even touched it. His hand was soft as it trailed rings over her pulsating breast and she willed him to reach her most sensitive tip. He continued to torment her and she felt her breathing quicken in anticipation.

His fingers drifted nearer and nearer until, at last, his forefinger stroked her hard nipple. It must have been directly linked to her pussy, as a whoosh of liquid escaped her and she gasped at the sensations which streaked through her body.

She felt him move and looked up to see his lips coming toward hers as he engulfed her in a mind-blowing, possessive kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth, digging in and out. Her pussy continued to weep as she imagined the hard cock in her hand slowly entering her. He pulled her on top of him and she felt the length of his rock hard dick against her pussy. She instinctively pressed herself against him.

“Ride me,” he whispered close to her ear.

She stared at him. “But I’ve never…”

“I know. Trust me, you’ll be in control.” His words were gentle but confident. She felt empowered by them.

He held her hips as she sat up. The cool air wafted over her breasts and she suddenly felt exposed. As if reading her mind, he held onto her arms, preventing her from covering herself. She looked down. Through the thick darkness she could just make out the shape of her large breasts. She could see the outline of his masculine face and his beautiful smile. Shadows highlighted his chest muscles which rippled as he moved. His biceps were barely visible as he held onto her hands. As she took in the sight of him she became even more aroused and soon forgot to feel self-conscious.

“Do you want me, love?” he whispered tenderly, but she could detect a coarseness which suggested his passion was mounting.

“Yes.” She gazed at his lovely face as he lifted her onto his massive cock.

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Bella’s love of writing started at a very young age.  While at Junior School, she was once asked to write a story that was to be displayed on the window due to lack of wall space (remember Portakabins?)  Unfortunately, once she gets going she tends to run with an idea right up until the conclusion – and it has to have a happy ending!  The story was so long it covered several windows and caused a blackout in the tiny classroom!

She is British and lives in the beautiful English countryside with one of her three gorgeous daughters and her wonderful husband, often referred to as her “current husband” just to keep him on his toes!  They live in a big haunted house therefore Bella’s housework is never done as the ghost keeps moving things around - the bedroom isn’t the only place where things go bump in the night ;)

Open top cars and country music are among Bella’s favourite things and her fondness for shopping is only surpassed by her love of Châteauneuf-du-pape.

Bella would love to hear from her readers.  

Connect with her at:  bellasettarrabooks.blogspot.co.uk

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Keeping Sarah, a New M/M/F Contemporary BDSM Erotic Menage by Julie Shelton, Plus Meet Her Dom, Jesse Colter


Honeymooning in England, Jesse Colter, Adam Sinclair and their beloved wife, Sarah, are heading for their friend Thorne Cahill’s BDSM club for dinner when another car deliberately tries to run them off the road.  Thanks to their own driver’s skills, the other car is destroyed, the two unknown occupants killed.

Through Thorne, they discover that they’re the targets of a “blood feud”, instigated by Konstandin Sokolov, son of Viktor Sokolov, the Albanian mobster who had unwisely kidnapped Sarah a few months back, and paid for it with his life.  They also discover that Thorne’s guests, ruthless human traffickers, have gathered for a slave auction being held the following night.  Konstandin Sokolov happens to be one of the buyers.

Fraught with treachery, betrayal, and deadly danger, Keeping Sarah keeps the reader on a knife’s edge of tension, while simultaneously exploring the deepening emotional commitment between Jesse and Adam.  They already trust each other with their lives.  Now they must learn how to trust each other with their love.


Then Jesse turned to Sarah.  Bending down, he put his hands beneath her arms and lifted her up off the floor.  Turning her in his arms, he unhooked the garters, then unlaced the corset, letting it fall to the silk carpet.  As soon as the beautiful, but restrictive garment fell away from her, Sarah took the first deep breath she’d had in hours.

“Step out of your shoes, baby,” he crooned, rolling down her stockings and removing them one foot at a time.  “Now bend over and grab your ankles.  I owe you a spanking.”

With a whimper, she assumed the undignified position, her second of the night, wrapping her fingers around her ankles while he got on his knees behind her to remove the vibrators from her pussy and ass.  Dropping the toys on top of the crumpled corset, he palmed her ass cheeks, his flexing fingers making deep indentations in her sweet flesh.

“Spread your legs, baby, or you’re gonna fall over.”  A smile curved his lips upward as she slid her feet outward.  God, I love this ass!  He slapped her sharply, the sound and her subsequent cry loud in the quiet room.  “Count,” was all he said, transfixed by the erotic sight of his handprint blooming on her skin, first white, then red.

“Y-yes, Master.  O-one.”

“How many have you earned tonight, slave?”

“Ten, Master.”  Her voice was barely audible, muffled by her position.

“There will be no warm-up, so I’ll make them quick.  Count them all.”  In rapid succession, he delivered ten blistering swats to her backside and by the time she counted the last one, her ass was fiery red and she was sobbing in pain.

Crap, that hurt!  And yet, it felt so good.  So damn good.  The heat from her ass seemed to be having an effect on her clit, as if the two were connected by wires pulsing and crackling with electricity.  Her sobs turned into moans as he stroked and kneaded the heat more deeply into her flesh, sending it straight to her pussy until her clit felt like it was on fire.

Still gripping her ass cheeks, he lowered his head, slanting it sideways to flick the tip of his tongue across her throbbing little nub.  She jerked and cried out as pleasure consumed her.  Then he straightened, pulling her up after him, and steered her toward the bed.  If Adam was in sub-space, then Sarah was right there with him, lost and drifting and needing Jesse’s loving care.  It was now his duty and responsibility to love them and keep them safe and give them the pleasure they had both earned and richly deserved.

“Climb up, baby,” he said, assisting her up onto the bed.  “On your hands and knees above Adam, pussy over his face, head over his cock.”

As he was talking, he, too, was getting on the bed, crawling across its enormous expanse toward Adam’s feet.  “Legs apart,” he ordered and Adam slid his feet across the silky sheets.  “Prepare Sarah.”

At the quiet command, Sarah’s core convulsed again, sending out another gush of fresh cream.  God, she was so ready to come!  She had been so highly aroused for so long, now that it was finally going to happen, it was all she could focus on.  Without warning, Adam reached up and stroked his fingers through her slit, from front to back before thrusting two fingers deep inside her sheath hovering so tantalizingly above his head.

He pressed his thumb against her puckered anal opening, pushing insistently, until the muscle relaxed and sucked it in.  Sarah stopped breathing.  With wicked skill, he thrust in and out of both her anus and vagina, pinching the membrane between his thumb and fingers as he stroked, quickly re-stoking the fires of need in her sex, burning just beneath the surface.  A thin, high wail escaped her lips as pleasure devoured her.

“Christ, Jess,” Adam muttered over the wet, sucking noises his fingers were making as he pumped them in and out of Sarah’s sheath, “you should see what I’m seeing.  Our little slave has the most succulent pussy in the world.  And it’s dripping all over the place.”

“Sarah,” Jesse ordered, “Take Adam into your mouth.”


1.  Tell us a little about yourself. How did you come to your author’s attention? Occupation?

My name is Jesse Colter.  I’m 32, a former SEAL, now Chief of Police of Marshall’s Creek, Virginia, the small, sleepy town I grew up in.  My childhood basically sucked—my father was a drunk and a bully who used me for his punchin’ bag—until I was fourteen and bigger than he was, so he pretty much steered clear of me after that.  I never knew my Native American mother.  She disappeared before I was outta diapers.  My father always claimed she ran away with another man, but I’ve always suspected he killed her one night in a drunken rage and disposed of her body.  I came to my author’s attention the day I rescued her heroine, Sarah Marshall, from falling out of a tree.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  I came to her attention long before that.  She just had to think about me for a while and get to know me before she decided to let it be me who rescued Sarah.  She wanted us to have a happy ending, even though she kept us apart for eight years before givin’ it to us. (Lol)

2.  What or who is the greatest love of your life? Why? What drew you to them?

Sarah Marshall is the only woman I have ever loved, the only woman I ever will love.  I met her the summer she was 13.  I was workin’ as an assistant gardener at Marshall’s Hill, the ante-bellum estate where she grew up.  I heard this blood-curdlin’ shriek and when I ran to find out where it was comin’ from, there she was, danglin’ upside down from a broken tree limb 30 feet above the ground.  Scared the livin’ sh-daylights outta me!  I was nineteen and full of my own teen-age crap, but Sarah, oh, my God…[shakes his head]…she just fascinated me.

She was this amazin’ combination of child and adult.  She grew up rich, but her childhood sucked as much as mine did, except she wasn’t beaten.  Just ignored.  Her father was a judge, a self-important, self-righteous little prick who had no time for his only child, so she was pretty much raised by tutors and nannies.  She was the first person who treated me like I really mattered, you know?  The first person who ever really listened to me.  She actually valued my opinion!  She bullied me into readin’ all her favorite books just so she could have someone to discuss them with.  She turned me into an avid reader, for which I’ll always be grateful.

When I hired on the next summer, she had entered puberty and had filled out.  Boy, had she filled out!  God, she was so gorgeous and I knew I was in trouble.  When I was at work, I couldn’t stop lookin’ at her and when I was anywhere else, I couldn’t stop thinkin’ about her.  But I was bad news.  Six years older than her, a biker, and a Dom.  And even though I suspected she was a natural submissive, she was still just a kid, and I knew if I claimed her, I would ruin her life.  After all, she was rich, the daughter of a judge, the descendant of English aristocrats, while I was the bastard son of a Native American prostitute and the town drunk.  At that point, my life was a steamin’ pile of crap.  What kind of a future could I possibly give her?

I didn’t show up the next summer, but still saw her every night in my dreams.  I tried to stay away from her, but kept seein’ her around town, even rescued her from gettin’ into a truck and goin’ off with three guys who were even worse than me.  Boy, were they pissed!  Then, three years later, my cousin over-heard a couple of those guys laughin’ and gigglin’ about raidin’ Sarah’s eighteenth birthday party and havin’ some “fun.”

So I hopped on my bike and rode out to her place to try and stop ’em.  I managed to keep the one guy from rapin’ Sarah, but I had wanted her so badly for so long that when she threw herself at me and begged me to make love to her…I very nearly did.  I left town that night.  Just sneaked out without sayin’ good-bye to the only person who’d ever really mattered to me.  I hitched a ride to Norfolk where I found myself the next mornin standin’ in a seedy, rundown strip mall, starin’ at the Navy recruitment office.  I enlisted that day.  I’ll never regret joinin’ the Navy, but I will regret to my dyin’ day the decision to leave Sarah the way I did, with no word of explanation, no good-bye, no word at all for eight long years.  It was a crappy thing to do because it wound up nearly destroyin’ both of us.  Believe me, I will spend the rest of my life makin’ it up to her.  Because now that I have her, I can’t imagine ever livin’ without her.

3.  What’s your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is losin’ Sarah.  I already lost her once, that night I left town.  It took me eight year to admit how much I needed her, and how wrong I’d been to leave her.  I nearly lost her again when I introduced her to my best friend, Adam Sinclair, and told her we wanted to share her in a D/s menage relationship.  Adam was already in love with her just from hearin’ me talk about her while we were servin’ with the SEALs over in Afghanistan.  But I needn’t have worried.  As soon as they met each other, the attraction was instantaneous.

It was like…completin’ the circle.  Then I almost lost her when her ex-fiance tried to kidnap her in order to get hold of her money.  Fortunately we got to her in time.  Once the SOB who nearly raped her got out of prison, he kidnapped her and sold her to a slave trafficker.  Nearly got away with it, too.   Adam and I were terrified we wouldn’t get to her before she was flown out of the country beyond our reach.

4.  What’s your motto in life?

No secrets.  There must be open, honest communication at all times about everything.  It’s the only way a D/s relationship, especially a menage, can survive and flourish.

5.  How do the other characters in your book view you?

My best friend and brother-in-arms, Adam, knows me as a dom, a fellow SEAL, and a man of principle and integrity.  We love and admire each other as friends, brothers, and, in Keeping Sarah, as lovers.  Sarah, the love of my life, sees me as macho, bossy, domineering, chauvinistic, over-bearing, and annoying.  Oops, I forgot sexy (lol).  She also sees me as one of the two men who love her to the bottom of our souls and who would give our lives to protect her from harm.  The bad guys view me as their worst nightmare.

6.  What is it about you that is going to draw us readers in?

I’m sexy as hell (lol).  Seriously.  I am.  I love fiercely and forever, and will fight to the death to protect those I cherish.  I don’t suffer fools lightly and I abhor bullies and abusers of women—any women.  Women are to be loved, revered, protected and treasured.  With a few spankings, a little harmless torture and lots of orgasms thrown in just to spice things up a bit.  I am, after all, a Dom.  [Grins]

7.  What was your happiest moment?

The first time I had Sarah tied to my bed and she looked up at me, beggin’ me to let her come…I knew I had found my joy.  I knew I would spend the rest of my life wantin’ to make her scream with pleasure.

8.  What trait in others do you find most deplorable?

Dishonesty and lack of respect

9.  What is your favorite time of day?

First thing in the mornin’, when Adam and I wake up with Sarah between us all soft and warm and smellin’ delicious.  We wake her by makin’ slow, sweet love to her, startin’ her day with the gift of pleasure, lettin’ her know just how much we adore her.

Thank you, Jesse Colter, for stopping by and talking to us.  We are looking forward to reading more about you, Adam, and Sarah in Julie Shelton’s Loving Sarah, Owning Sarah and now in the erotic thrill ride that is Keeping Sarah.


“I heartily enjoyed this book. It’s truly an erotic BDSM ménage epic, and it’s extremely well written. The locations are sweeping and exotic, the food is lusciously described, the sex scenes are plentiful and romantic and delightfully perverse. Pacing is breezy throughout, even though this is a fairly long novel, and the suspense plot keeps the reader wanting more. It’s excellent that the menage relationship features a lot of hot M/M scenes between Jesse and Adam, not to mention the pegging by Sarah. I can’t compliment Keeping Sarah highly enough.

Special mention should be made of the Sybian competition and slave auction scenes. These were both highly unique, beautifully written, disturbing, and felt like Sadean ceremonies. The Sybian competition had an exuberance and weirdness about it that was both comical and surreal. It showed great imagination.

The slave auction was nightmarish—imagining this secret organization existing was very frightening. The poetic details were what really made it—the fact that the boy being auctioned was chubby and albino, the disturbing concept of “pony girls,” and the appearance of the sinister Mistress Diabolica. I loved it.”



Amazon author page:  http://amzn.to/IEAADL

Website:  http://bit.ly/Nn2gPE

Facebook author page:  http://on.fb.me/19nGsh2

LinkedIn Profile:  http://linkd.in/1gYBG9p


Julie has always loved stories, both reading and writing them, ever since she was old enough to hold a book in her hands.  One of her favorite childhood activities was smuggling books under the covers to read by flashlight after she was supposed to be asleep.

A career as a children’s librarian eventually led to her dream career as a freelance storyteller and puppeteer, a business she operated successfully for twenty-five years.  During that time she created and wrote all the original material for Kidstuff, a monthly language arts newsletter full of poems, songs, puppet and flannel-board stories, finger plays, and other resource material for early childhood educators.  

For that endeavor she won the prestigious EDPRESS Award for the best educational newsletter of 1982.  Her 288-page book, Puppets, Poems and Songs was a major resource.  She has also written other resource materials for librarians and preschool and early elementary teachers.

Julie lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  Now widowed and retired, she once again has time to devote to her two favorite things—reading and writing—especially her new love, erotic romances with strong heroines, hunky alpha-male heroes, and lots of smokin’ hot sex. (y)

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The Ideal Side of Life; A New M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance by Blak Rayne!

First, I’d like to thank Peyton for having me at her blog! Very awesome, thank you. My new gay erotic romance novel is out! 

To read the first 10% of my new release, click on the Smashwords purchase link at the bottom of the naughty excerpt!


‘Imperfect, but inescapably a love worth saving.’

Self-made entrepreneur Stephen Pritchard was given a second chance at life and love when he met Carson. However, as of late, their marriage has been anything, but ideal. Aside from the usual occupational hazards and Carson’s inability to communicate emotionally, Stephen’s learned marriage to a police officer, especially an attractive one, comes at a price.

While shopping in the city, Stephen and Carson unexpectedly run into Stephen’s former college buddy Dudley Kramer. During the conversation, Dudley insists they attend an upcoming party at the art gallery he owns. Believing the invitation to be harmless, Stephen convinces Carson to go. 

But part way through the evening, he realizes Dudley’s developed an unhealthy liking for his husband and the party isn’t as it appears. Illegal drugs and partner swapping isn’t something Stephen bargained for, and neither is the chain of events that follow. Disenchantment over the past, arguments, and a near fatal car accident suddenly puts his life into perspective.


     Later that night, subsequent to the consumption of a homemade seafood dinner that consisted of stuffed cannelloni and a Caesar salad, we decided to hit the hay early. We’d both had a long day.

Carson stripped, tossed his clothes in the hamper, and flopped out on his stomach, bunching a pillow between his head and arms. After the mattress stopped bouncing and he’d found his comfort zone, he muttered drowsily, “Can you cover me with the sheet?”

“Sure.” Ogling his ass, I removed my tie; no matter the temperature, he always slept in the nude. As for my preference, I was a pussy; anything below sixty-five degrees and I wore pajamas. Grabbing a corner of the blanket, I separated the gray linen sheet from underneath and draped it over him.

“Thanks, baby.” He yawned, hugging the pillow tighter.

“You’re welcome.” Removing my shirt, I dropped it on the chair. Then I kicked off my shoes and unclasped my belt buckle. I couldn’t wait another second—the smooth, muscular curve of his ass under the thin sheet and the way he lay with his legs spread; he was begging to be molested. Crouching like a tiger, I moved in silence toward my target and the edge of the bed, preparing to pounce.

“If you’re going to fuck me, do it quick before I fall asleep.”

“Oh come on!” I exclaimed loudly, throwing both hands up. “How did you know? What—do you have eyes in the back of your head?”

“I didn’t know,” he murmured, shooting a weary glance over his shoulder. “Other than you’re taking too long to undress.”

“You know you’re a frustrating man. Every time I try to be sneaky, you ruin it.”

Snuggling the pillow again, his chuckling was muffled. “That’s because you couldn’t sneak if someone paid you. You’re too obvious.”

“I’m not obvious.”

“You are. The whole point of sneaking around is to avoid getting caught.”

“Why thank you for that useless tidbit of information.” Sitting down hard on the bed, I pulled off a pant leg and caught the other on my heel. “Now I know I’d be a lousy jewel thief.” I frowned in disgust, tossing my pants with the intention they’d land on the chair, but they hit it instead and slid to carpet. A dreary sigh seeped from my lips. I was too damned lazy to pick them up.

“Don’t get upset.”

“I’m not.”

The bed shifted and when I looked, he’d switched around to lie on his back. The sheet did little to hide his thick erection that lay slightly bent against his left thigh. The image triggered a glorious memory of Greece...and the beach. God, we needed to fuck—no romance, just a good old-fashioned fuck.

“I ruined your fun, I’m sorry. How about I pretend you’re not here?” He bent an arm over his eyes, sliding toward the end of the bed, and sank into the bedding, getting more comfortable. “How about something like this?”

When he’d moved, the top sheet had fallen away completely and his muscular torso blanketed in soft, dirty-blond hair appeared. Taking a moment to admire his body, I didn’t readily answer. My cock started to swell.

“Baby, are you still there…?” he asked, the apprehension lingering in his words.

Pressing my hand into the bed, I got down low and put the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked, the tangy mix of perspiration and urine sharp on my tongue. He grunted, rutting his hips, and I dug the tip into his slit. He grunted louder, and I suckled then mouthed his balls, one after the other. 

Working my tongue farther down, I pried his buttocks apart, digging my chin in while moistening his perineum and rimming his hole to a sloppy wet. His reaction was instantaneous; he grinned and his cheeks flushed scarlet. Putting my other hand flat on the mattress to brace my upper torso, I inched a tad higher and kissed the trail of tapering, curly pubic hair to his belly button, his erection rubbing floppily under my chin. Letting the moisture from my lips caress his stomach to chest, his flesh became dappled in goose bumps and his nipples hardened to tiny pebbles.

I flicked and nibbled on the right then switched to nip the left. When I’d finished revving him up to a satisfactory level of arousal, I reached in the nightstand drawer, felt around for the bottle of lube then shook it and squeezed a little onto my open palm.

After I’d made my cock slick, I slid two lubed fingers along the tightening crease of his sac to his hole, and carefully inserted them. His thighs spread wider and he groaned. I played for a while, gentle then rough, ramming deep. When his groans transformed to harsh growls of uncontrolled pleasure, I knew he was teetering on the threshold. Kissing his throat, I removed my fingers, settled on top of him, touching his cock with mine.
“Just do me, baby,” he urged, slapping the right side of my ass, then squeezed. “I want to feel you.”
Rising above him for a split second, I glanced down to guide my shaft. Carson tensed somewhat, pinching his buttocks against the intrusion. But once I penetrated as deeply as possible, he relaxed, melting into a curve, and embraced me.

Normally, I was a great deal calmer, a regular Casanova, but that night I wanted straight ecstasy—to get off as fast as possible. Moving strongly, in and out, I breathed harder and faster. Our bare, sweat-coated skin slapped on contact. Minutes in, we both grunted and an extreme heat almost flash-burned my stomach. We’d both blown our loads simultaneously and his spunk had made a trail up my chest. Putting his hands to my back, he hugged my upper body and I fell onto the bed with him.

“I love you.” He kissed me everywhere excitedly, pushed me backward into the comforter, pinioned my wrists above my head, and lifted a dense, muscular leg to straddle my lap. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Huh,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath and wits. I was dazed, enjoying the fleeting tingle of euphoria.

While maintaining his vice like grip on my wrists, Carson snatched the tissue box from the nightstand. He fumbled with it, yanking out the white squares. “I’m going to make love to you,” he said, wiping us both clean with the massive wad. Then he stuffed the used tissues inside the empty box and tossed it over his shoulder.

The lust ended with Carson sleeping soundly while spooning me, and me thinking about what the notary had said. I have no idea why the living wills came to mind. After the jungle sex, I should’ve been exhausted and collapsed into a peaceful nothingness. 

But I couldn’t. I lay there for over an hour, staring into the dark, contemplating everything from our anniversary and Christmas, to what breed of dog I preferred, and whether I should purchase Carson a newer vehicle. Then I awoke to the alarm clock beeping.

While Carson was at work, I assembled the targets I’d bought for practice in the backyard. Robin Hood. Eat your heart out! Life was uneventful, for the most part. Then, something weird happened, causing a chain of events to unravel that put my fortitude to the test and altered our life together as a couple forever.


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