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Claiming Her Temporary Men; A Contemporary BDSM, MFM, Erotic Romance by Grace Ryles. Book 2 in the Grand Oak Springs Series.


 It started with an arrangement, temporary no strings attached sex.

On a journey to find herself Emma Daniels never expected to fall into bed with two broody men for a little dominance play. Giving up her dreams of finding the one thing she has always wanted… a family, Emma decides to embark on a month long NSA sex with twins Ryder and Chase. Emma finds herself falling for the twin hotties and wanting more, but their scarred past hinders them from giving her what she wants. 

Chase and Ryder Freeman have sworn off women, apart from for one singular exception, sex. Meeting Emma they never expected for her to stir those old emotions, the ones they kept buried deep inside. Determined not to give into those old feelings they propose a compromise, one month no strings attached.

Can these three finally overcome the hurt of their past or will they succumb to it? Will Emma finally get what she always wanted by claiming her temporary men?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Story Excerpt:

Chase made it to the station a few minutes later after leaving Emma’s cabin. He hated that he had to go into work. It was something he tried not to do, let work invade his personal life. But sometimes the best intentions didn’t matter much, when you worked in the public sector. It wasn’t until hours later that he was finally finished with the logistics of what went down. According to the coroner, there was no foul play, but Chase believed that this was not just another natural death case. But with nothing to go on, he was at a loss as to proceed further. Pulling his truck into the garage, he couldn’t wait to take a shower and head to bed. 

Ryder was the in the living room when he walked in and he could tell his brother had been drinking. He had been for a while if the bottles that lined the table were any indication. It didn’t look good. Anytime Ryder was in a funk he drank and heavily. Chase thought things were looking up but it seemed like his brother was going to run scared. He wasn’t at all in the mood to deal with his brother’s crap, but he was all he had and if they were ever going to move on, he had to make Ry realize a few truths.

“Started early?” he asked, walking in and taking one of the unopened Jack Daniels bottles, opening it and taking a swig. The liquid burned as it went down and his belly warmed. 

“Nope only a couple of hours, have a lot shit on my mind.” Okay, here it goes. 

“Like what? How long have you been here wallowing, Ry? You can’t keep doing this, you can’t run this time. This has to stop, talk to me,” he implored his younger brother. 

“And say what, Chase? I was a damn fool for falling for that bitch, or should I admit, it wasn’t love but just an obsession. It wasn’t even her I was obsessed with it was the idea of finally finding a woman to accept us as more than a fuck toy.”

“If that is what you feel, Ry, then say it. Scream it even, if you have to. She played us both, we let our guard down, and it’s in the past where it should stay. You’re not still angry because she back stabbed us, and you’re upset because you had no control over the situation. Because of that you have been punishing yourself. Punishing me.” It hurt Chase to hurt his brother, but in order to save him from himself, he had to be honest. 

“Been thinking, and you want to know what I have concluded? I think that, I’ve been ready to start again, but have held back because we have always dreamed of sharing a woman. Finding that perfect mate that would let us love and take care of her, it’s what we have always wanted. We can have that with Emma, if we only try.”

“What if I don’t want that? Are you going to leave me alone?” There was vulnerability and anger laced in Ryder’s questions. “You know what I am like, I can’t not have control, I let it slip for a while and look what happened. We lost almost everything because of that slip, won’t happen again.”

“Ryder, you’re taking all the blame instead of sharing it, we both fell for something because we placed our hearts on the line. It was an infatuation for what we could have, but it wasn’t real. What we have now with Emma, this is real. She wants nothing from us, just us. Can’t you see that?”

“Maybe, but what happens when the novelty of having two men wears off, what then? How can you be so sure Emma would want forever?” His once strong brother sounded defeated. Chase felt guilty that he didn’t force this issue sooner and let Ryder wallow in the mistakes they both had made. 

“There’s no way to be absolutely sure. But we will never know unless we take that chance. Will you take that chance?” 

He loved his brother, but he couldn't continue to live his life void of love and compassion. Minutes passed before Ryder spoke. Chase was afraid he wouldn't be able to get through to his younger brother, but maybe the man he was years ago was still in there somewhere. He knew there was an internal battle that raged in his brother’s head. Ryder was hardened because of his life experiences, but his knew his brother would come around. In the time they had both spent with Emma he began to notice the changes in Ry. He was more carefree and happy, like he had been all those years ago. Finally when he spoke Chase knew everything was going to be alright.

“I’ll take that chance.”

Adult Excerpt:

Emma, god she was something else. Over the last few days Ryder found solace in between her legs, and damn was it dangerous to be craving more, more time, more… just more everything. A bright red corvette with an out-of-state license plate sped past him. He smirked, it must be fate that he was thinking about her tight wet heat and she had to cross his patrol area. She was only going a few miles over the speed limit, something he wouldn’t necessarily pull over someone else for, but what he wanted from this stop was much different than dishing out tickets. Putting on his siren and lights, he sped towards his future. 

Emma looked down at the speedometer, she wasn’t going much over the posted 75 mph sign. Maybe one or two miles over, but now she was being pulled over. Bullshit. She was having such a good day, but a ticket would definitely ruin her high spirits. She had met with both Dr. Sanchez and Ruiz and discussed the possibility of volunteering one or two days a week while she was in town. They were extremely pleasant and handsome, nothing compared to Ryder and Chase, but handsome nonetheless. 

Both doctors had expressed how much they needed additional help with the patient load and welcomed any and all help. They had even offered her a job but at the moment, she was still undecided as to what she would be doing after the month was up. Pulling over to the side of the road and turning off her engine, she waited for the patrol car to stop and for the officer to step out. Looking in her rearview mirror she gazed at the officer who pulled her over and a small laugh escaped, so maybe she wasn’t being pulled over for her road manners, but something much darker. The officer walked over and tapped on the glass, and, rolling it down, she played along. 

“Hello, officer.”

“Good day ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?” Oh, so he wanted to play, too. 

“No this has caught me completely unawares. What could I have possibly done to be pulled over?” Emma said putting on her best innocent act.

“Ma’am, cut the act, I caught you speeding going about 20 mph over the posted limit, not to mention I ran those plates and it comes up on a stolen vehicle. So what do you have to say for yourself?” His act was so believable, and if she didn’t know any better, he would have her believing she had stolen her own car. He was a mask of authority, but Emma could see the hunger in his eyes and the erection in his pants. 

“I don’t understand what you are saying, I have never stolen anything in my life and I don’t speed.” She feigned shock.

“Don’t play around, I caught you red handed. Now let me see your license and we can discuss what your options are.” Emma could just bet what those options are. She handed over her driver’s license. Giving him a sympathetic look, hoping to gain some advantage in this little game.

“Okay Emma, now here are your only options. I am a lenient man and I can turn the other cheek and let you drive off here, but you would need to do something for me...” he paused and she felt a shiver work down her spine. Her senses tingled and she had an idea of what that something would be. 

“So what will it be, I can arrest you right here and bring you down to the station or you can follow my car and we can settle this matter… privately? The choice is yours.” Ryder’s voice was smooth and seductive, leaving little to the imagination of what he wanted from this private discussion. So what could do either way Emma was so fucked, literally. 

“Officer, I am telling the truth, I never stole anything. Please can we just forget this and I can go on my way?” she tried to deny what he wanted and knew it would spark his rage. She wanted that rage. Emma could easily give in but what would be the fun in that?
“I’m going to have to ask you to get out of the car, ma’am.” Holy shit! Stepping out of the car, Emma stood on shaky legs. “Turn around and put your hands flat on the roof, you have the right to remain silent…” He started reading over her Miranda rights and she got more into the role. 

“Officer, please, don’t arrest me. I-I…” she cried, going deeper into the role she played.

“I gave you a choice. Now you want to renegotiate?” he asked and she nodded. “I usually don’t ask twice, this is your last chance what will it be?” he said gruffly into her ear, and pressed his erection to the cleft of her ass. 

“I’ll follow you,” she said, resigned. 

“Officer?” she queried. He let her see his open hunger and she knew what would happen next. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her snug against his body, the erection he sported poking her belly. 

“You know what is going to happen here, Emma?” His voice darkened, while hers quivered. 

“Umm, I don’t know, officer. Please, I promise I didn’t steal that car.” He stopped her from continuing with a bruising kiss to her lips. She tried to keep him out, keep up the farce that was this scene. Ryder grabbed her ass, hard, making her cry out, and he took full advantage, sticking his tongue inside deep. A hand in her hair pulled her away from his lips and he panted out. 

“Bend over the hood of the car.” She paused, giving him a scared, innocent look. His smile was pure malicious. “Shall I take you to the station?” Moving slowly, portraying the part while her pussy creamed at what was about to happen, she bent over the hood. Luckily for Ryder, she was wearing a sundress. She felt his heat as he came up behind her. 


Grace Ryles currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her beloved husband. Originally from New York, Grace grew up fast and learned a lot of truths at a young age. Early on, she realized the escape that books could give her from a world that was less than understanding. As a teenager, Grace began writing stories inspired by her environment and her favorite authors. Though she never attempted to publish them, writing became a new escape, one where she could create the perfect ending for the underdog. Grace’s stories always had a common factor. The end result was always an HEA. Writing took a back burner as life intruded but reading always remained as a deep passion. It wasn’t until reading her first ménage, Divine Grace by Heather Rainier, that she discovered the love of polyamorous relationships. Her writing sprang back to life and that’s when Second Chance at Love was created, displaying her love for the polyamory lifestyle.

Hobbies Hobby: Reading! It is my ultimate vice. Before I decided to actually publish, i would devour hundreds of books a year. This year has been tricky handling family, friends, writing, career and stuffing in time for reading. I can be found procrastinating from writing a new chapter in my current WIP with a good book!

Contact Links:


When writing, do you have a process? If so, care to share a little?

I don’t know if it is a process as much as it is one of my quirks. I start with a simple concept. I sometimes only know the main characters personality. I imagine the hero or heroine, I think about what of her personality could attract this man or in this case men. The character background is developed first because to me it is essential too who my characters are at their core. After I have created their background stories, I begin to write. Typically you could see my at my computer with my eyes close and typing. I like to play out scenes in my head as I type. Thankfully I can type without looking at the keyboard! I always write everything that comes to mind, I don’t filter my ideas until the very end of the day. I leave all spelling mistakes and all grammar issues for my end of day read through.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part for me would be the dialogue between characters. I have this thing, were I want the conversations to sound extremely authentic and no matter what I do, it never sounds right to me in my head. It is one of the most frustrating parts for me. I can full develop the story or the world, but for me the dialogue is never right. I have learned over the years that I just need to step away. I usually will have someone close to me read the dialogue and give me a critique about its authenticity. At the end, I am always 100% satisfied with what I created and that is all that really matters. Isn’t it?

What inspired you to start writing?

Since I was a child, I loved to write. It was a sort of escape from the real world for me. Normally, I would jot down my thoughts in a journal and then it transformed form just jotting down feelings and ideas to actual stories. Creating worlds in which the heroine gets her hero is my ultimate swoon fantasy. The first erotic ménage romance book that I read, Divine Grace by Heather Rainier, opened my eyes to this genre. It was like something clicked for me. I never before had imagined this type of literature existed and when I discovered it was a like a light bulb going off and telling me this is what I needed to do. Over the years, I had written short erotic stories and never thought I was good enough to publish. My husband who has been my rock for so long encouraged me to try my hand at getting published.

Where do the ideas for your stories come from?

They come from everywhere and nowhere. I know such a vague answer. To be honest, I take inspiration from everything around me and all of my life experiences. People watching is one of my embarrassing habits, especially when you get caught watching. My mind wanders as I imagine what lives the people I watch lead. Are they married? Have they experienced loss? Those questions provoke ideas and those ideas cultivate into characters in my stories. When I get an idea for a story in mind, I typically close my eyes and just let the entire story play out in my mind’s eye before I even pick up a pen or a key board. As weird as it sounds, I also have dreams about different characters. It’s usually not enough for a whole story but it gives me glimpses into the lives of these characters.

 Do you have any advice for other writers?

My advice to other writers is to just write. Write for yourself and no one else, it has to matter to you. Over the years, I learned that not everyone is going to love everything you create. It’s sad but a truth that, I know once my first book is published, I will have to learn all over again. For me writing was and still is a huge escape, if it is for you, never give up. Remember that you are your own worst critic. Things that may seem insurmountable are really not that bad. Don’t let other’s put down what you created.

What are your current projects?

  I have several projects that are taking my time away from the real world, lol. First I am working on book three of Grand Oak Springs, which will be my first MMF book. Secondly I am working on a BDSM club series entitled Secret House and lastly I am working on a secondary ménage series which will be featuring the good state of Florida, where I currently live.

When/where does inspiration strike you?

Oddly enough, I get truly inspired in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter what I am in the bathroom for but that is where my ideas are cultivated, though mostly in the shower. When I get asked this question I shudder a little bit, because it is such an odd place to get inspired but for me, when I am relaxing in a shower or bath the ideas just start flowing. When I was in college before I wrote any term paper, I would take a nice long hot shower and just let the ideas come to me. Good think I have Dragon Software so I can dictate any ideas I form.

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Elijah's Vow, A New M/F Paranormal Contemporary Erotic Romance by Abbie Carlise.


Jasmine Tate, an Editor from New York, relaxes on her first vacation in years until a tall, dark, handsome stranger throws her into a world of power and tantalising passion. She realizes that humans are not the only race in existence. Her life shatters around her as their worlds collide and everything she’s ever believed in is destroyed as her true identity is laid out before her.

Elijah, The Order’s leader, has never known true love. Tormented by his past, he has lived only to protect his race, but when he meets Jasmine his heart is captivated by her beauty and he becomes obsessed with his possession and desire for her.

As a war begins between The Order and the Phoenix League, he must face an enemy that is intent on destroying everything that matters to him, but can he protect the one thing that has become his destiny? 

A Siren Erotic Romance


The echoing sound of the shot made Jasmine jump and she screamed out in terror as the glass from the window shattered and flew into the cabin. She fell against the table as pain seared through her shoulder and cried out Elijah’s name as she hit the floor. 

The excruciating agony that travelled across her shoulders had her gasping. She tried to focus past the waves of intense pain shooting through her. She could feel herself becoming ice cold as Elijah kicked the table away from her. Blood soaked through the jumper and she held her hand tight on her shoulder, pain throbbing from the impact of her fall. Elijah stared at her in horror. His face was red with fury as he dropped to his knees and gently lifted her into his arms. She was deathly pale as tears streaked down her cheeks.

“I have to see how badly you’re hurt, sweetheart,” Elijah spoke as he pulled the jumper to the side to take a closer look at her shoulder.

Jasmine cried out at as the jumper pulled at the wound.

“Luca,” Elijah shouted, so loud it made Jasmine jump from the drowsiness that was beginning to cloud her mind.

Luca almost took the door off its hinges as he stormed through and into the living area. He stopped dead in his tracks as he stared at the horrific sight before him.

“I need you to help her. Take the pain away and help with the wound. She’s been shot,” Elijah said as Luca ran behind the couch to reach Jasmine.

“I will need to touch her. You okay with that?” Luca asked.

“Do whatever is necessary to take the pain away and help her,” Elijah said, thanking the stars for Luca’s gift.

Luca gently laid his hands on Jasmine’s clammy, shaking body. 

Her sobs tore at Elijah as panic slashed through him. 

As Luca’s warm hands began to glow gently, Jasmine felt a gentle calm float through her as she felt the pain begin to dissipate and her body gradually begin to relax. She closed her eyes as she savoured the relief until she could no longer feel anything and her mind blacked out.

“What the hell happened, Luca?” Elijah held Jasmine close as Luca continued to heal the wound.

The shot had gone straight through her right shoulder but had luckily not hit any bones. The wound slowly closed as Luca moved his hands over each side of the wound.

“There was a shooter out in the woods. He had a rifle and fired off a shot before I could get to him. I’m so sorry, Elijah,” Luca replied.

“She knew he was there. She felt him,” Elijah stated as he stared at the paleness of her skin. She was so small and fragile and the thought that she may have been killed made his heart cry out.

“Did you kill him?” Elijah asked as Luca moved his hands away, the shimmering glow dissipating.

“I hit him pretty hard but I’m not sure that he’s dead. Bloody hope so, the fucking bastard deserves to be.”

“We need to get the males here now. If more of them arrive then we need to make sure they don’t get a second chance. She’s everything to me and I will not live without her!” Elijah could not imagine a world in which she didn’t exist. He loved her with all his heart.

“I understand. I’ve called Jonah and they are on their way. I need to fix the window, though. She’s cold and that gaping hole will only make her worse. Keep her warm and I’ll go get the duvet from the bedroom and you can wrap her in that.” Luca ran up the stairs two at a time, grabbed the duvet from the bedroom, and returned, handing it to Elijah.

“We have to find out who they are. It’s the only way to keep her safe. Once we know who we’re dealing with then we will go out, find them, and destroy them,” Elijah said. He was struggling, trying to control the anger that was growing out of control as he stared at her long eyelashes that framed her beautiful closed eyes.

Elijah lifted Jasmine and gently laid her on the couch. The blood from her wound soaked his hands as he pulled the duvet over her and placed a cushion under her head. “Go out and make sure that bastard is dead. Then try and find some wood to fix the window. I’ll stay here and make sure she’s warm. Thank you, Luca, for saving her.” He was utterly in debt to the male.

“She’s your female and we would all protect her with our lives. She is part of our world now and one of us,” Luca replied. There had never been a female at the compound and he had liked her from the moment he’d met her. He’d been glad that he’d been able to help her as he smiled at Elijah.

He was a lucky man. He turned and walked out of the cabin, closing the door behind him. Maybe one day he would have a female of his own to love and care for. The thought made him smile as he ran into the cold dark forest.


Jasmine gaped at the awesome sight that stood before her. The golden tan of his skin and the bulging muscles of his legs had her clenching her thighs together as she moaned at the sight of the glorious length of his cock. She lifted herself from the bed and crawled onto her knees, leaning forward as she took the wondrous shaft in her hands. It took both hands to cover his cock and she could only just fit her hands around his wide girth as she stared at the rounded bulge at the end. It wept, glorious and silky, as she moved closer, licking at the end.

Elijah convulsed as her tongue made contact, making him growl as his cock jerked and his muscles clenched. Fire blazed through him straight to his balls as she wrapped her lips around his engorged head, taking him into her mouth. The feel of her warmth made him lift his head as he closed his eyes to savour the sensation of her tongue circling the end. She sucked him slowly, pulling back and thrusting him deep back inside her wet casing to the back of her throat. Pleasure shot through him as he placed his hands on either side of her head, entwining his fingers into her luscious curls. She was going to make him come as she made soft moaning sounds that vibrated down the shaft, making him want to guide himself harder into her mouth.

“That feels so good, baby, suck me harder sweetheart.” Elijah panted as his threatening orgasm built, making his groan louder.

Jasmine loved the invasion in her mouth, the soft, smooth skin that covered the length, and the pleasure she was giving him. The sounds of his moans made her pussy spasm. She wanted him to come, taste the salty juice that would explode from him as she sucked him harder and faster.

Elijah couldn’t stop the orgasm that rose and erupted within him. His balls tightened as cum shot from his cock, making him clench his ass and push deeper into her mouth. He held her head still. His nerve endings fired with bolts of carnal electricity and the groan that escaped his throat was raw, filled with passion for the amazing female that held him prisoner. He panted hard as his seed blasted and he gazed down at her long, curved eyelashes that framed those sexy eyes. She was a beautiful sight below him, his cock in her mouth as she slowly pulled away. 

He smiled as he bent down, gently guiding her to lie back across the bed. He removed her pumps and ran his hands over the lustrous skin of her calves and up her thighs. Her skin felt like silken petals as he moved further to her leggings, pulling them down to remove them. Her satin panties encased the soft mound of her pussy as his hands brushed past the covering, making her whimper. He tore at them, wanting to see the soft folds of her glistening slit that melted his self-control. 

Moving higher up her tight little body, he ran his hands over her petite waist, and pulled the end of her vest-top over her head. Bending over the curved fullness of her breasts, he took one rosy hard bud into his mouth and sucked hard, caressing the other and making her groan.

“You taste so sweet, like honey,” Elijah said softly as he kissed down her stomach, making her muscles twitch at the touch of his gentle lips on her skin.

Jasmine could feel every minute sensation, her skin sensitive to every kiss as she felt her nipples harden further. The warmth radiating from him had her skin roaring for his touch. He moved down her body toward her pulsating clit. She needed to feel the wetness of his tongue licking and sucking at her yearning pussy. Desire for him overtook her every thought as she ran her hands through his hair.

“Oh god, Elijah, I want to feel you, feel you inside me.” It was all that she could think about.
Elijah kissed the edge of her thigh, inhaling at her sweet scent as he moved his hand down and gently rubbed her clit. 

Jasmine cried out as pleasure hit her hard. Her insides clenched as he began to lick her clit in circles, gently kissing and then tugging at the sensitive bud. He trailed his finger gently between her smooth, wet creases until he reached the opening to her hot tunnel and pushed deep inside, teasing the spot he knew would intensify her pleasure. She was so hot and soft as he pulled back and pushed harder insider her again. 

She cried out his name. Her insides jerked with such erotic pleasure, she thought she would explode. He continued his relentless tormenting as she clenched, trying desperately to control her breathing. 

Elijah couldn’t stand another second without feeling himself buried deep inside her. He sat up on his knees and pulled at her hips, bringing her pussy closer to his impatient cock. She was so ready for him, so wet as he slid smoothly inside her. The feel of her satin skin gripping him made him growl as he stared into her passionate gaze. He wanted to fill her, feel every inch of her glorious pussy, and she took him willingly.

“You are mine,” he stated, wanting her to know that no other would ever possess her.

Jasmine smiled. She knew that no one else could ever fill her heart, body, or soul as he did. She was falling in love with him and couldn’t deny him anything. 

Elijah began to thrust hard, gripping her hips to fill her deeper. Her heat excited him and his rhythm grew to match the pounding of his heart. The sight of her pleasure made his cock throb with desire. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the feel of her as he listened to the soft moans of her pleasure. 

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Abbie Carlisle lives in Kent, England with her wonderfully understanding husband and 3 children. She spends every spare hour either with her family or, with the immense support from her twin sister, her other passion ‘writing’.  For years she had dreamed of writing her own paranormal novel and then her first novel was born. Come visit ‘The Order of the Mist’ at


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